Milwaukee'r Arbeiter-Zeitung

Milwaukee'r Arbeiter-Zeitung

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ride your bike for green genealogy research in Milwaukee

It's Ride Your Bike to Work Week (May 10-18) in Milwaukee!
Milwaukee's bike lanes can get you all around town for your genealogy research: from the UW-Milwaukee library, Milwaukee Public Library, Salzmann Library, Milwaukee County Historical Society, other historical societies in places like Bay View, Wauwatosa and New Berlin, even the FHL.

You can also put your bike on a bus, put your feet up, and organize that day's notes and research finds using your electronic device (keep those batteries charged!).

Sunday, May 11, 2014

a Mother's Day reminiscence ...

25th wedding anniversary, Boulevard Inn, Milwaukee
     My mother, Betty Quast Rebholz, wasn't at all interested in the family genealogy. I ignored that and regaled her with names of ancestors going back 12 generations, lost branches of her tree and about my experiences with the genealogy community and in local research collections. Her typical response was "You couldn't make this stuff up!"
     So it was a real surprise when she related her own story about my research in Milwaukee's German newspapers: her hairdresser provided a detailed version of my biography relayed by instructors of a genealogy class at the public library! All sorts of detail unconnected with Milwaukee's German newspapers was included in the information.
     This was an Aha! moment for me because of an incident at the local family history library where a researcher named Tom (an acolyte of the one true genealogy) LOUDLY regaled 4 or 5 patrons and me with his own version of my biography.
     Betty and I had a good chuckle over this. From that time on she appreciated that my anecdotes about bullying librarians and threats from local genealogy queens were true.
     She would also enjoy a good chuckle if she knew that a stranger attended her funeral service in May 2011 and actually approached me with a research question.