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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mrs. A. Sweckle shares a postcard ... Das Brautpaar in Potsdam.

Mrs. A. Sweckle, 1216 24 St. shared her postcard of German royal newlyweds with the local newspaper. For that gesture, Louise, (Mrs. Albert Sweckle) gets an entry in the index of Milwaukee's German language newspapers.

The wedding of Prince Ernst August of Cumberland and Princess Victoria Luise, only daughter of the Kaiser, is remarkable as it "ended the decades-long rift between the Houses of Hohenzollern and Hanover. The wedding of Prince Ernest Augustus and Princess Victoria Louise was also the last great gathering of European sovereigns before the outbreak of the Great War.".

The complicated story of the long rift between the Houses of Hohenzollern and Hanover is told here:,_Duke_of_Brunswick

Der neue israelische Tempel an der 5 Strasse ... Temple Beth Hazodol

Important new buildings and construction projects were featured in Milwaukee's German papers in the 19th century just as they are today in the digital news media. The new Temple Beth Hamedrosch Hazodol was located on the east side of N. 5th Street alongside the alley between W. Vliet and W. Cherry Streets.
There were at least 4 Jewish congregations in the downtown area in the 19th century.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Research training can be entertaining too!

PBS runs all kinds of programming that provides suitable training for genealogy researchers and in an entertaining way: nature programs, classic movies, British mysteries & cops series, Masterpiece Theater specials, even long running BBC comedies like Last of the Summer Wine where the cultural divide between the sexes is not a line, but a brick wall.

Some local dinosaur may pose a real threat to what you or your community can accomplish, so watching Dinosaur movies may be helpful. A career's postpartum experience can cloud any retiree's ethical or moral judgement. When they see a collection or project they judge as "available" for the taking there's no telling what influence they'll use to get what they want. Word of caution: dinosaurs can be vicious too.

The group dynamic may come into play in your community if you create something really valuable for local research, like this index!
The program Nature illustrates both the successes and tragedies of the animal world that are not too different from the human experience: sometimes you have to try to outrun the attack, while keeping them at bay with a thick skin and some well-aimed kicks!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Passover in Milwaukee - matzos, matzos, matzos!

Jewish baker Julius Kohn (1724 Walnut St.) tells his valued customers that his matzos are available again this year and can be purchased at Klingbeil's on State St., Gottschalk's on Chestnut St., P. Welch's on Van Buren St., and at Ph. Weis' butcher shop on Jackson St. Weis was another advertiser of Kosher products in the Milwaukee Herold (the mainstream paper published by W. W. Coleman

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Niemand zum Leid, Gerechtigkeit für Alle.

Intelligent voting for the public good versus ignorant voting for selfish interests.

This was the quandry for US citizens in the 1920s when this was published in Milwaukee's German language newspapers, and the same in 2016. It remains the choice in 2018, and will be the choice in 2020.

(Republisheded from an English language source, The Inter-Racial Council.)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Keine Herren, keine Knechte - Gleiche Pflichten, gleiche Rechte! (Milwaukee, WI 1878)

No masters, no servants - same work, equal rights!

The concept of the "servant leader" was bandied around in the 1990s by an academic, and it continues to be talked about today.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Oesterreich-Ungarischer Gesangvereins, 1915-1925

The Austrian-Hungarian Chorus celebrated 10 years: 1915-1925. Members' names are included with the photo: Aschenbrenner, Braunscheck, Brill, Butschli, Feisthamel, Fillinger, Fink, Firle, Franz, Glass, Grimm, Heim, Henedahl, Herrenbroth, Katzenmeier, Kipper, Kleinmaus, Knebl, Koch, Kraft, Lorenz, Lotze, Lunova, Melter, Mulitsch, Ness, Rittner, Ruppert, Schasler, Schillhansl, Schmidt, Stark, Steiner, Uhlein, Uttenthaler, Witushek, Ziliz, Zolk