Milwaukee'r Arbeiter-Zeitung

Milwaukee'r Arbeiter-Zeitung

Thursday, May 14, 2015

30 years war ... in the Town of Granville?

Wedding events and anniversaries, notable birthdays and other events are all found in the German papers, but not usually with such humor as this clipping about the 30th wedding anniversary party for Mr. & Mrs. Henry Flach.

On the 28th of February Mr. and Mrs. H. Flach of Granville, Wis., celebrated the most light-hearted "Thirty Years' War" that you could think of: namely, the 30th anniversary of the day on which the said pair joined together in this exceedingly happy marriage. ...

These clippings frequently include guests lists and it's another way to step back and take a look at a snapshot of our ancestors' lives (and in this case, the party antics of lil' Albert Flach).

There are at least two published versions of this clipping - the Germania version (the Brumder's Lutheran rag) leaves the humor out of the telling of the event.

Both clippings are indexed in "Milwaukee's German Newspapers; an index of death notices and related items" (1844-1950) / an ongoing, independent project created, compiled and edited by Gary R. Rebholz, for another 30 years ...

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